Mindwerx4Kids’ Toddler Program

Toddler Program

Our toddler program encourages children to learn and discover through hands-on exploration, creative play and social interaction in our inclusive and purposefully designed classroom environment. Through the guidance and support of our experienced Early Childhood Professionals, toddlers will have the pleasure in learning independence skills along with strengthening their self-confidence.

Toddler Classroom Daily Schedule

7:30 Centre Opens

7:30 – 9:00 Child Directed Activities and Arrival

9:00-9:15 Morning Snack

9:15-9:30 Circle Time

9:30-10:15 Curriculum Activities- See PDF

10:15-11:15 Outdoor Play

11:15-11:30 Diapering and Handwashing Routines

11:30-12:00 Lunch

12:00-2:00 Nap Time

2:00-2:15 Diapering and Hand Washing Routines

2:15-2:30 Afternoon Snack

2:30-3:00 Continue Curriculum Activites

3:00-4:00 Outdoor Play

4:00-6:00 Child Directed Activities and Dismissal

6:00 Centre Closed

Curriculum Goals

Adapted from Early Learning for Every Child Today: A Framework for Ontario Early Childhood Settings

1. Social
1.1 Social Interest
1.2 Perspective Taking
1.3 Parallel Play

2. Emotional
2.1 Expression of Feelings
2.2 Self-Regulation (emotion, behaviour, attention)
2.3 Empathy
2.4 Sense of Self
2.5 Autonomy
2.6 Identity Formation

3. Communication, Language and Literacy
3.1 Receptive Language
3.2 Expressive Language (words, sentences, vocabulary, questions, conversation)

4. Cognition
4.1 Self-regulation
4.2 Problem Solving
4.3 Cause-and-Effect Exploration
4.4 Spatial Exploration
4.5 Spatial Problem Solving
4.6 Temporal
4.7 Symbolic Thought, Representation and Roots of Literacy
4.8 Memory
4.9 Sorting

5. Physical
5.1 Gross Motor (balance, jumping, walking and running, climbing, riding toys)
5.2 Fine Motor (dressing, eating, tool use, making a mark, pincer grasp)
5.3 Senses (sensory exploration, sensory discrimination, sensory motor integration)

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