Our Programs

Partnerships with Families

Parents are encouraged to participate, as much and as frequently as possible in their child’s experience at Mindwerx.  We consider the care of children who come to Mindwerx to be a privilege and our partnerships with families have a profound impact on the children enrolled in our programs. Gaining knowledge about children’s families and communities provides educators with an enriched understanding of each child’s development and learning. We value opportunities for educators to participate alongside parents as co-learners in gaining insight about their child’s unique characteristics, interests, strengths and needs.

Updates about schedules, special events, announcements, and current curriculum plans are posted on parent information boards in each classroom. Monthly newsletters are also emailed outlining themes, learning activities and programming goals for children. Daily observation notes about learning and development are also written for each child. Notes are accessible to parents in children’s individual binders located in the Supervisor’s office. We also arrange parent-teacher conferences during regular intervals throughout the year. Prior to interviews, teachers complete Ages and Stages Questionnaires for each child, which includes input from parents’ observations. Developmental screening assists both parents and teachers with identifying children’s strengths, age-appropriate milestones and developmental concerns. Parents are encouraged to advise staff anytime they have questions, comments or concerns.

Specialized Services

Each licensed child care centre in the City of Toronto has an assigned Resource Consultant. At Mindwerx, our Resource Consultant works closely with staff and families to support an integrated and inclusive child care program for children with extra support needs. Services include regular visits to classrooms, program adaptations, early identification and intervention, as well as staff and parent training.

Field Trips

We plan field trips for the children throughout the year. A notice will be sent home in advance of the excursion informing you of the destination, cost, time and date. It will also include a permission slip to be signed and returned. You are always welcome to accompany us. Please note that parent volunteers during field trips must also obtain a vulnerable sector check.

Our Daycare Programs


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