Services we offer

Services we offer

Autism Screening and Consultations

We offer a two-hour screening for children, ages 12 months-48 months, who are considered at-risk or whose parents are concerned about a possible diagnosis. The screening includes an observation of the child during play-based activities while incorporating some structured activities. There is also a parent interview and questionnaire component to the screening, as we believe that parents are very important in a screening or treatment program. The goal of the screening and consultation is to provide families with clarity about their child’s needs, potential referrals to other professionals, and recommendations of childcare and different centers for behavior therapy.

Focused behaviour therapy clinic

Our behavior clinic supports children under 6 years of age with any behavioral concerns. Our therapists are well-versed in working with young children and know how to manage behaviors, with supervision from our senior therapist, as well as our clinical supervisor. We have therapy sessions every day, which runs from 8 am-7 pm. Please contact us for a free consultation!

Community supports

At MW4K, we ensure all children deserve to play and be part of a community. We offer programming that can take place within our community, such as creating comfort for children who are afraid of hand dryers, taking children to malls and ensuring that they can function in similar ways to their peers.

At school support

Every child requires some support when they are at school. Our therapists can go into schools and support your child within the classroom.

At home support

We can help support with behavioural concerns that might be happening at home.

Parent training and education programs

– ABA Groups
– Parent Support Group

Specialized Weekend and Evening programs

Weekend: Respite, Child Minding programs during parent training and educational programs Evening: After school care

Request free consultation- Registration online

We offer a free initial consultation to families that are interested in focussed behaviour therapy clinic. The free consultation will be in the format of a parent interview/consultation.

Our Daycare Programs


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