The Behavior Therapy program at Mindwerx started when I recognized a need to help parents navigate a world they were not prepared for. I remember the first time the doctor told me “Your son is Autistic” and wrote down a few numbers to call and all of those numbers led to waitlist and questions on how my son’s life would unfold unless I did something drastic myself.

At Mindwerx Kids Learning Centre we’ve developed a highly focused inclusive learning environment where emphasis is on discovering and understanding the distinctive characteristics of a child and providing a complimentary early learning development program based on proven ABA principles.

By providing programs in our centre, we hope to be able to provide a unique experience to for all families that walk through our door.

Steve Haddad
Executive Director


Here at Mindwerx 4 Kids our mission is to positively impact the lives of children with Autism Spectrum Disorder and other Developmental Disabilities. We take pride in creating an inclusive environment for those we service and through the use of ABA therapy , create and achieve specific goals that fit your child’s needs. Through our passion for helping others and advocating for equality and inclusion, here at Mindwerx we are committed not only to the child but also to the families.


– To create a place where children with varying disabilities may strive
– Provide effective services for our clients through the use of ABA
– Provide support to our families we are servicing


ABA stands for Applied Behaviour Analysis and uses specific teaching techniques to bring about a
positive change in behaviour. Here at Mindwerx we use these techniques and principles in a daycare

Why is early intervention important?

Studies have shown that Early Intervention is beneficial, and that the sooner you begin therapy there is more of a chance that you can maximize the impact of the intervention. Children with Autism can be diagnosed as early as 18 months. Here at Mindwerx we have experience servicing children at these young ages, we believe in making learning fun and creating a positive, engaging teaching environment for your child to strive and grow.


For more information on Autism, ABA, Early intervention and more please visit the following links:

“If we can’t learn the way we teach, we teach the way they learn.”

-O.Ivar Lovaas

Therapy at Mindwerx

Children with special needs can receive support from the Inclusive Child Care Program at Mindwerx 4 Kids. Inclusive Child Care Programs create flexibility to meet the individual needs of children with special needs or disabilities within the child care settings.

At Mindwerx 4 Kids we look forward to getting to know you and your child!  We understand the importance of working together and being flexible in both our approach and services to provide a balanced and individually tailored program suited to your child.  Our mission is to assist families with neuro-developmental disorders in the areas of communication, intellect, behaviour, social skills, life skills and academic performance.  Our commitment is to provide an experience that benefits your child in these areas in a supportive and engaging manner… with lots of laughter, praise and friendships along the way!  We provide services to children within the  GTA of Ontario.  We have a solid team of dedicated and experienced professionals.  We can come to your home or welcome you to our centre, some children do a bit of both.  We strive to provide what works best for both your child and your family.

One Care Services

  • Registered Clinical Psychologist approved by government funded services

  • Registered Clinical Associate Psychologist with BCBA

  • Approved for DFO families – we take care of the administrative stress – from matching you with a therapist to preparing your packages for continued funding

  • Will work with your insurance provider

  • Intensive Behavioural Intervention (IBI/ABA)

  • Verbal Behaviour Training (VB)

  • Communication Skills Training (VB, sign language, picture exchange systems and computerized apps aimed at increased language development)

  • VB Mapp Assessment

  • AFLS – The Assessment of Functional Living Skills

  • A classroom setting within our center with access to certified teaching staff also experienced in delivering ABA/IBI

  • Educational assessments and support within the school setting and transitioning to school

  • Case management with other service providers on your child’s team.

  • On-site therapy sessions or private in-home sessions or a mixture of both!

  • Individualized or paired therapy sessions

  • Assistance with difficult areas such as sensory issues and lifeskills and behavioural challenges

  • Social groups and low typical peer ratio’s to develop skills and confidence

  • Special dietary needs can be addressed.

Our Daycare Programs


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